Our Customers Say it Best

Brand X customers love their Huaraches.Here’s a sample of the many unsolicited comments we constantly receive. We’re sure you’ll agree they are the Best Huaraches On Earth. In fact, we guarantee it!

I got my sandals yesterday and I’m so happy! I just wish I found them sooner so I would have had all summer to wear them. They are amazing. I put them on and it was like they were made just for my feet.

Love these shoes! These are my first Pachucos, and I still wear my three year old Cancúns . I think that is their name….”mule” style with no heel strap. I worked in comfort on my feet in a pair of them for years, that I found SECOND HAND in a thrift store! They live on as gardening sandals, still comfortable!


Received my new shoes and they fit perfectly. Put them right on and wore them all night. Didn’t need to “break them in” as typically needed to do with other shoes/sandals. These are my 6th pair. I have them in different colors. I have been buying them for years and still have my first pair. Gotta be going on 15 years or more! You can’t get better quality than Brand X. Keep up the great work!!


(Rating: 5 of 5 stars)

I’ve always loved Brand X Huaraches – as do many people who tell me so whenever I wear them – but a recent hospital stay inspired a new level of devotion.

Unexpectedly, surgery often causes feet to swell – even if they weren’t operated on. This comes and goes, so most shoes can’t keep up. Last Friday I had hip surgery and wore some stretchy synthetic slip-ons to the hospital because they matched the easy-on/off pants I chose, and I figured they’d be comfortable under any circumstances. WRONG!

By the time we arrived back home, the stretchy slip-ons caused agony in both feet. The only solution: my beloved Brand X Mayas, which I’ve worn exclusively since. Several days later my physical therapist praised them, saying their comfort encouraged me to be more active and thus heal faster. Also he mentioned they were very attractive.

Thanks Brand X – I’ve just ordered my 5th pair.

Kate Butterworth

To Whom It May Concern:

Just wanted to let you know that I TOTALLY love the Tote Bag that I received!


My fourth pair of Brand X. Only brand of Huarache I wear & recommend.

Dear Brand X Huaraches,

Thank you for the beautiful new pink and yellow/gold Pachucos. The 8.5 W is a perfect fit.

For the past two summers I’ve worn nothing but your wonderful Pachucos. My collection began with a sensible black pair, but it was immediately obvious to me that one pair would never be enough. Shortly thereafter, I purchased red! One would think that red and black, between them suitably neutral for any outfit, would surely suffice, but no! By the end of last year, I’d bought a denim blue and rich royal purple! And this season I added lime, and now pink and golden yellow.

I live in a mid-atlantic state. I think I pushed the season a bit, and started wearing my huaraches in April. It’s now October, and I’m STILL wearing them every day! They are so comfortable! I wear them with skirts and slacks to work, and with jeans or other casual wear on the weekends. Every single day. After a very short time, the leather stretches gently around my feet, so that putting them on is like putting on a second skin, or favorite slippers. The outer sole hasn’t worn down at all! And with the thick tread I’m assured of secure footing on the slipperiest wet sidewalk.

I wish I could think of a way to wear them from November through March!

I’ll be back for more, I’m sure.

My best to all of you at B.X.H.



FYI! Your Huaraches ROCK! Further, you send just the right amount of emails! So thanks.


I just received 2 pairs of Pachuco huaraches and promptly ordered another pair from your sale selection. Years ago, I purchased a handmade pair of huaraches—tire tread soles and classic style—in a small village in Mexico. I wore them until they literally disintegrated and hunted in vain for replacements. Decades later, I found really great huaraches at Eddie Bauer and was SO excited to have my favorite summer shoes again. But they discontinued the brand and I couldn’t find out who made them. Periodically, I’d google “classic huaraches,” “handmade huaraches,” traditional huaraches” to search for similar shoes—and then, a few weeks ago, Brand X turned up! Same shoes! Fantastic! I promptly ordered two pairs, after agonizing about the colors. I want them all! My shoes arrived sooner than I expected and your customer service is amazing! Not sure who’s happier—me or my feet. I’ll be wearing nothing but Brand X huaraches all summer and until the first frost. And, although these will last for many years, I’ll be picking up a few more colors next spring—serious jones.

So happy to have found you again!

Maerwydd McFarland

Just recieved my huaraches in the mail. I am so excited. I have purchased for others as gifts. These are mine. I have tried them on. They fit like a dream. I do believe they are “The Best Huaraches on Earth!” Thank you. I will be ordering more in other colors.

Pam J.

I’ve been wearing your incredible huaraches since 2005. I order one or two pairs each year, traditional style, size 7, favorite colors orange and turquoise (just received both a couple of weeks ago!). Anyway, I’ve told dozens of people–friends and total strangers!–about how comfy these huaraches are. Of course, they’re adorable, which is usually what starts the conversation. I’ve walked all over Europe with them, with never a blister! I continue to pass along your website info with great enthusiasm.

Thanks for consistently producing fantastic shoes. If you ever want to close (God forbid!) or sell your business, please call me first

All the best,
Shelby R.

The order arrived today. Size 13 appears to have been the right choice, especially since I will typically wear white socks with them. They fit comfortably—a bit loose, but, as I told you on the phone, my feet tend to swell later in the day, so this will allow room for that. They’re very comfortable. I’m very pleased and will let my friends know about your site.

Thanks for the personal attention to my order.

Rick M.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me this afternoon; I used the tracking number you provided to discover that the Zapato shoes had already been delivered to our mailbox. My husband is thrilled to find a handsome pair of shoes which are soft enough to accommodate his weary feet. Workmanship is outstanding, the leather comfortable out of the box. His normal size is roomy enough to wear with socks and an arch support—if these stretch a bit, he will be able to substitute an orthotic.

Best compliment of all: he rates these as the most comfortable shoes he has ever owned! I appreciate your fast shipping and gracious customer service. I am in the process of ordering a second pair.

Thanks again,

Linda M.

Just got my new shoes. Couldn’t be more happy, just what I wanted and just as I remembered the shoes I owned as a kid. Thank you very much.

Regards, Mike

Brand X Huaraches conform to your feet, are lightweight and well constructed. A must have for casual or dress! I was able to purchase one pair of “New Fisherman” at an overstock sale price -and had no qualms about full price for a second pair. Service, delivery and payment options are Four Star.

Albert P.

I have been wearing your huaraches for the last six years and I love them. When my sister, who loves huaraches, was ill several years ago, she was unable to wear her regular footwear. I sent her a pair of huaraches and she wore them until they quite literally fell off her feet. I get many compliments on my huaraches and I always highly recommend them to all. I will always be wearing your product, so please, never stop making them! Thank you for a wonderful high quality product.

Jean C.

First I must say I have a pair of multi–colored flat soled huaraches I’ve had since the 1970s and they are still wearable with no torn straps and not much fading. I also have a pair of Brand X yellow Mayas that are now about 10 yrs. old or better and look like new. About two years ago a friend saw my Mayas and fell in love with them and subsequently ordered two pair for herself. I profess their comfort, wearability, and longevity to anyone who asks about them.

I just ordered another pair for myself in blue but was disappointed you didn’t offer white for summer. Oh well, you can’t have everything. I also saw some of the other styles and will be ordering some more for fall.

Keep up the good work.

Judy A.

Shoes just arrived. PERFECT fit. GORGEOUS color. EXQUISITE workmanship. How is it possible that I just discovered this shoe? What happens when I wear out this red pair?
I could not be more pleased.

Appreciate all you help!!!!


My huaraches arrived. They fit perfect. Thank you sooooo much for all your trouble in getting them for me. I am sure that I will be back in touch with you to get other colors.
Appreciate all you help!!!!

Kathy B.

I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you thank you for your sandals. I originally bought a pair of Brand X Huraches back in 2006 to wear on a trip to Mexico and they have been on my feet every Spring, Summer and Fall here in Texas ever since. I wore them out and wasn’t too sure if I could find another pair like them but I was very happy to see they were still being sold online. My new ones just arrived and hopefully I can buy another pair when I wear these out. I probably won’t wait 6 years though. I didn’t realize how bad my old ones were until my new ones arrived.

Thanks again for making reliable authentic sandals!

Ryan M.

Quick note to say my huaraches arrived & I’m very pleased. I knew I would be pleased as this my 2nd pair. 1st pair I bought 7 yrs. ago, & finally wore the heels & soles down to no tread left. take care, thanks for a really great product.
Michael S.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes. I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable and almost never trust buying them online. These are perfect, comfortable and soft. My feet are very happy!

Thanks again!
Kathi S.

Received on Saturday, May 5–super fast delivery, great service. The huaraches are as good as your web site describes them.


I received my huaraches yesterday from your company—one day after I had ordered them! Thank you for the fantastic service and fantastic shoes! I own two other pairs of Brand X (Pachuco style) huaraches which I purchased from a store in La Conner, Washington and absolutely adore them. They are without a doubt my “go to” shoes for summer. I posted a photo of the shoes I ordered for my birthday (the red Maya style) on my Facebook page and two of my friends have asked for your website information because of the glowing review I gave of your company and products.

Thank you again, and I will certainly be ordering more in the future.

Laurie N.

I received my Huaraches four days ahead of schedule, I am very pleased with the fit and quality. I will be ordering another color soon and my wife wants a pair. A pleasure doing business with you.


I received them. Thank you. I LOVE them—hip & comfortable.


Recv’d the 12’s, **perfect** THANX 4 THE PROMPT TURNAROUND!!
Mike Z.

Just a short note to let you know I finally purchased black and white pairs of Brand X Pachuco Huaraches from Foot Smart (I already have them in dark brown, purchased via Nordstrom years ago). They arrived nearly two weeks ago. I wore the black pair this past weekend. They are absolutely comfortable, even the first time I wore them! No blisters, no redness, nothing but comfort.

I took your advice and ordered them in size 6-1/2 Medium/B (a half a size smaller than what I normally wear, size 7). And the black pair are already conforming to the shape of my feet very nicely!

I wanted to be sure to give you the good news and to thank you very much for supplying great sandals!!! My feet and I look forward to wearing them all spring and summer, and for years to come!

Betty B.

The huaraches arrived the orher day. Naturally, I am very pleased with them. They are my second pair, and with my insoles they are just terrific. Great product!

Colby C.

For the record, I LOVE your huaraches. So comfy and well made; the only reason I had to replace my first pair was because my puppy (at the time) loved them too. And a woman chased me down at a festival recently to ask where I got them. I told her all about Brand X: my 3-season shoes!

Carey C.

Another satisfied customer…they fit great the 14’s were the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon W.

I received the shoes and the red ones are fabulous, the color gorgeous, and the fit is really, really comfortable. The black ones look good too, as usual, but it is a tad cold here to wear them now, although they fit as well as the other pair, same style, which I previously had purchased from Brand X. Looking forward to the green ones—on back order.
I love these “woven” leather shoes…..they breathe very well and the weave easily but comfortably, molds to the shape of the foot. I also like the fact that the sole is thick and provides good traction as well as support. I am looking forward to future Brand X shoe purchases.

Thank you so much!

I wore my huaraches for the first time to work tonight. I stand on my feet all night so I made sure I took a different pair of shoes in case my feet started hurting. I do have several foot problems but let me tell you, I didn’t want to take my huraches off when I got home.
They are wonderful….. I will be back in the spring for a pair of sandals.

Thanks again,
Patty B.

The second pair of shoes just arrived in the mail. At first I thought it had simply been delayed in the mail until I found your note saying there was actually a mistake and only 1 pair was shipped originally.

Thanks so much for your prompt correction. You not only sell a really good product, but it is really nice to do business with such a responsible company.

As I said before, I love these shoes. I’ve ordered many pairs in the past and will continue to do so. People have stopped me on the street and asked where I bought these huaraches and I send them your way. Thanks again.

Mary E.

Received our shoes promptly and they are great. I love Brand X Huaraches and have owned about six pairs over time. My shoe wardrobe is incomplete without at least two colors of huaraches.


Received the huaraches in the mail, they’re perfect! Really well-made, even better than the O.G. style I used to get with real tire treads. They fit great, totally comfortable, perfect for rocking out with my eco-freak band Mother Nature’s Army.

Thanks again,

Holy cow! It seems I was just talking with you on the phone to order my 3 pair of huaraches and quick as a wink they had arrived at my doorstep. Talk about great customer service—I think you take top prize!

As I told you, I currently have 2 pair of huaraches that I absolutely love—they are me “go to” footwear for work and pleasure. Since my original pair is around 6 years old had has been working steadily throughout the years it was time for me to get some new ones.

How could I pick just one color when there are so many great colors from which to choose? So I didn’t pick one I picked 3—and I’m glad I did. I now have my comfy as a cloud huaraches in blue, black, tan, patina tan (my original pair), and red. I get so many compliments on them—I guess I look really good in huaraches (or else the huaraches are making me look really good!!). It’s almost a shame the huaraches are so well made—they last and last and last—if they ever wore out I’d be buying more pairs (and you would make more sales and money, ha, ha). Seriously, these are the very best huaraches on earth and I’m so glad I discovered them—my feet and my body thank you for thousands of miles of comfortable (and stylish) walking in many places on our lovely planet—they travel well!!

¡Muchas Gracias por los huraches son los mejores del mundo!

All the very best,
L. R.

We love doing business with you and your shoes are great. We tell everyone about how well the shoes are and how wonderful you are in business, Hopeful that they too are buying from you.

Thank you,
Don R.

I purchased a pair of your slides a couple of years ago, and thanks to a job change that allows me to dress casually, I have been wearing the same pair of slides for 1 1/2 years now and have been SO COMFORTABLE it’s amazing.

The best part is that I recently went on vacation to New Mexico, and thanks to my serious hammertoe condition, was really leary of wearing “closed toe” shoes, which of course every expert will tell you is necessary for hiking…..so I took my Brand X Slides, just in case…

Dudes, I’ve got to tell you, I got warnings from Park Rangers regarding my “sandals”, but went ahead with my Brand X, on some really rocky and steep hikes, and they came through with flying colors! Not only did they hold together to some some really hard wear, but by the end of each day the only thing that DIDN”T ache was my feet! They were as good as gold, no bruising, no blisters, and ready to take my wobbly knees out for more!

of course I will continue to buy these shoes as long as you make them ;)

I LOVE these huaraches! What a great color, I may need another pair in another style!!!! (preferably closed toe for work) Didn’t see a spot to place testimonials on the Brand X site, so I’m just emailing you to say they’re wonderful!


I just wanted to tell you that I recently ordered a pair of your women’s huaraches and absolutely love them. I am the office manager at a ranch here in Tucson and get really tired of wearing boots, especially when the weather gets hot (like now…). Brand Xs are THE next best thing to my zorries and going barefoot! As soon as I save up the extra cash, I am going to order another pair from you.

Just thought you should know you now have yet another devout customer.

Best regards,
Stacey H.

I received my huaraches on Wednesday. I just think they are the cat’s meow. I would like to order more colors…maybe in a few weeks. Thank you again for the fast shipping!

Trish S.

I received my huaraches a couple of days ago. Today was the first time I had time to open the box. I loved them. When I put them on they seemed a little snug and hard to get on. I thought I wish they had included an instruction sheet, well I just needed to look in the box and I found the little card. It explained why they were a little snug.

I have had my huaraches on all morning and they feel wonderful. I have fibromyalgia and walking is very difficult for me. I wanted a pair of sandals that fit well, did not slide around on my feet or the floor and looked pretty. The rubber soles are thick enough for support but flexible enough for comfort. These are perfect. I can’t wait to wear them every where I go.

Thanks so much for my huaraches and for making them to fit perfectly. My size 5 1/2 is so difficult to find.

Susan A. R.

The order arrived safely today. The huaraches fit like gloves – I love them – thank you. I am going to order another pair when I can decide on the color – it is a hard decision as they are all great!


Just ordered another pair of the huaraches. I would buy more but you make them so well they don’t wear out very often. I have them in 3 colors already. I tell everyone who will listen, and many people ask me about my shoes, how wonderful they are. I bought a pair for my older mother who walks a lot and now they are the only shoes she will wear. Please keep making them as they really are the best shoes I have ever had.

Jacqueline T.

The purple Zapatos arrived today. They are great.


I received my order today ( Women’s Maya ) and I am very pleased with them. I think it is a good fit and they are just what I have been looking for. Your service is great! I will tell my friends.

Thank you,
Mary Jo P.

Received our shoes promptly and they are great. I love Brand X Huaraches and have owned about six pairs over time. My shoe wardrobe is incomplete without at least two colors of huaraches.


Thanks so much for keeping me posted. I appreciate it! This will be my second pair – I absolutely love your huaraches – the quality and craftsmanship are worth every penny. I lived in a remote mountain village in Puebla, Mexico for a year and wore my huaraches nearly every single day. They held up so well – but now I am due for some new ones. I will be a loyal customer of Brand X for years to come.

Take care,

Thanks, I received my order. I love the shoes and your great service.

Lorna M.

Wow! The huaraches arrived this morning and they are perfect. I looked all over the Upper East Side for something like this. Many thanks!

Best regards,
Kerry R.

OMG! I received the shoes Friday last, they are about the only thing I’ve had on my feet since. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I am very glad I found your web site.

Thanks again,
Kathy S.

They arrived yesterday!! Love them. Your service was flawless.

Thank you,
Judy H.

Hello, my husband and I go to Mexico every year for the month of January, normally doing lots of walking up and down cobblestone (and other kinds of) streets. I normally take new sandals and a handful of band-aids for the inevitable blisters, cracked heels, etc., that occur with such activity. With your shoes, which I wore exclusively, I came home with the feet of a baby. It was quite incredible–no blisters, nothing. Since returning I’ve bought two new pairs, one online and one at our local shoe store. Thanks, and again, what a great product!

Bonnie F.

I had to write to say how impressed I am by your huaraches. I’ve worn huaraches for 30 yrs., have gone through quite a few pairs, but yours are the best I’ve ever owned. Just rec’d my 1st Brand X via Sundance last wk. As soon as I lifted them out of the box I knew these were something extra special. I was so impressed by their quality, I turned around & ordered another pair in a different color. I read your literature. I didn’t know huaraches were constructed from just one piece of leather. That made me admire your quality & workmanship even more. Although it is a tough winter here in upstate NY, I am wearing my huaraches inside to break them in; but already I can feel that won’t be a long process. I work at a small college and I am certain once I start wearing them on campus, I will get a lot of inquiries @ where I bought my “shoes.” I will gladly tell them Brand X (“X” for extraordinary!) Thanks for a really well-made product in a day of cutting corners and just getting by. Quality does count.Very best wishes for continued success.

Monica F.

Remember me? I’m the lady with the short fat feet who now has 6 pairs of your huaraches. They are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I can’t wait until the weather gets warm enough to wear them. Illinois weather isn’t like California! If you need a spokesman for advertising your shoes, I’m it!! I wore them all over Russia this past summer and walked miles during that trip without the slightest bit of foot pain or soreness.

Janis L.

Nice speaking to you as I ordered my custom color Zapatos today. As mentioned to you, this will be my second pair of Zapatos. I bought the first pair (tan) four years ago to use in my blues band wardrobe. Many gigs later, through hot, cold, wet and whatever, the shoes still look and feel great, even with my minimalist approach re leather conditioner,etc. I get a lot of compliments about my cool shoes, and pretty much have abandoned a closet full of other band footwear in favor of these, no matter what the season. I’m sure my new BLUE Zapatos will turn a few heads while they maximize onstage comfort ! Thanks for a great product that lives up to being “the best huaraches on earth!”

Tom W.

Hello, I just received my huaraches, and I LOVE them!

Erin Z.

I just ordered my 7th pair in the last 7 years. Perfect Santa Barbara shoes. Only time I don’t wear them is in the rain &, people always comment on them. Zapatos are so breathable & look great with clear shoe polish. They last great too. I get the front of the sole taken down to 1/2 ” at a shoe shop so I don’t trip so easily. These are best shoes I have found. Great idea.

John B.

Sandals arrived, I LOVE them! They remind me of the ones I had 20 years ago and I really love the bronze. The 5 1/2 is perfect. I will be ordering from you again.

Kathy S.

I just wanted to let you know I received my new shoes today and they are incredibly comfortable and fantastic looking! I purchased a red pair from the Sundance catalog and was thrilled with them too. I have loved huaraches since I was a kid and was so glad to find yours online. I have received many compliments and will definitely pass on your web address. I am sure I will be ordering some of your fun colors next, just wanted to stock up on the basics first!

Thanks again,

I just received my second order from you. I LOVE your huaraches! They are SO comfortable. They don’t even require “breaking in.”

Thank you again,
Gloria P.

I received the replacement to my adjusted order, today. They fix perfectly and look great. I am so very pleased. I will pass the word of your great service and awesome shoes.

Mark Y.

Thank you very much for your patience in my quest to find the correct size of huarache. The size 7.5 were perfect! They look lovely and are very comfortable. I’m so pleased that I found your ‘Brand X’ huaraches.Many thanks for your good and patient service.

Kindest Regards,

I have received the white Pachuco sandals and they are a perfect fit. Thank you very much for doing this for me. Now I’m really looking forward to the warm weather. These shoes are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn.

Barbara T.

I have faith in your company and love your huaraches. I have three pairs now and wish for more. I’ve received complements from both men and women on their appearance and I enjoy recommending them to others. Again, thank you.

Gwenn J.

Just a note to say that your statement about Brand X being the best is on target. This is my 1st. pair of what I hope are many more. I’m interested if this was your idea and how long you have been selling this product. I had a pair of Eddie Bauer huaraches that were very similar to yours but had a tire tread sole that ultimately failed. I loved their cushioning in the inner sole and they were way more comfortable than just leather on tread huaraches that I have had in the past. I have thought that there must be someone that has thought of the ultimate huarache, with a real cushioned sole. Appears you did. Yours are the real thing with an improved sole. Great work and thank you.

John O.

I have received the white Pachuco sandals and they are a perfect fit. Thank you very much for doing this for me. Now I’m really looking forward to the warm weather. These shoes are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn.

Barbara T.

You have been so nice and attentive to my order that I’m going to tell you why I was so anxious: I am a 70-something gym rat and world traveler. By 1945, at the age of 13, I had reached my adult size, feet included 12M. In those days, the largest shoes you could get were size 9. I had to live with it. By the time I moved to Italy in 1973, I was able to buy 10’s. When I came home in 1980, JC Penney had 11’s. That was even better. In the 90’s I finally was able to buy 12’s. (You can even get up to 14 now.) With this history, I have “toe issues.” For a long time I was hunting diligently for the PERFECT shoe. A couple of years ago, I found you. I had Googled huaraches, remembering a custom-made pair I once got in Mexico. They were great. And so are yours. I wear them year-round, to the great chagrin of my podiatrist. (He’s into arch supports and orthotics and all that.) I ignore him. I wear my Brand X huaraches, and I’m comfortable and happy. I needed the black ones to go with my black travel-to-Egypt wardrobe. How many Brand X huaraches go for a camel ride?

Ann B.

Love ’em.
Got 6 pair in 2 styles.Your huaraches are therapy for my Katrina worn feet !! And .. Always get lots of compliments on my footwear — I tell folks where to go …… brandxhuaraches.com.

Thanks again!

I just wanted to let you know I received my new shoes today and they are incredibly comfortable and fantastic looking! I purchased a red pair from the Sundance catalog and was thrilled with them too.

I have loved huaraches since I was a kid and was so glad to find yours online. I have received many compliments and will definitely pass on your web address. I am sure I will be ordering some of your fun colors next, just wanted to stock up on the basics first!

Thanks again,

You certainly don’t let any grass grow under your feet! Order placed 8/31 and received 9/02. Thank you very much. You people make great, great shoes. This is my fifth pair.

Thanks again,
Joyce C.

Thank you so much for making your huarches in a wide width for people like me with short wide feet (size 6D). I have lived in these shoes for the past month… which included a day spent cooking for 200 guests at a school alumni banquet. Shoes that fit and are comfortable are a rare gem these days…. thank you so much. I recently purchased my third pair from TravelSmith… thanks for all the beautiful colors too.

Michelle in Nebraska

I just opened my mail and put on my new huaraches, which I ordered only about a week ago. Wow, they are wonderful, great fit and I will be wearing them like mad. Interestingly enough, I just spent a month in Mexico in a mountain city called San Miguel de Allende, which is rather an upscale city–lots of Americans live there–and I couldn’t find a single pair of huaraches. Maybe you should think about marketing them down south!

Barb P.

My new huaraches arrived today (from Travelsmith) and they are really nice. They are just as good as the ones I had years ago only the footbed is cushier. I’m looking forward to warm weather in New England so I can wear them all the time. Thank you for your attention to craftsmanship.

Susan D

I just wanted to tell you that I just received my new Pachuco huaraches and I absolutely LOVE THEM!!! I dreaded the thought of “breaking them in” but as soon I put them on I knew I wouldn’t have to, they are sooo soft…… I am going to order a different color and recommend them to all my friends … thanks for a wonderful shoe they fit like a glove!

L. Gale

Received the huaraches and they look wonderful. One pair is for my husband for his birthday in April. Thanks for all your follow-through.

Deborah W.

Just received my sandals. Wow, how good are these. I think they are comfortable, of quality, and a fair price for the product. Thank you so much. I will tell everyone I know.

John F.

Newest shoes just arrived – perfect fit – like walking on clouds.

Thank you,
Sherry M